NaNoWriMo 2018: My Novel + Novel(la)

And so it begins. In a hurry on Monday I managed to outline both of the projects that I’m working this year. My novel is a story I’ve been picking and prodding for almost nine years … Yeah, these characters haven’t left me alone for nearly a decade. I believe I finally have to the willpower to finish their story. I’m also finally trying to manifest things into existence.

If finishing one story wasn’t challenging enough I decided to tack on another. I wanted to write a novella mostly because I think if I stick to my schedule I’ll be able to finish the novel before NaNo’s over. I already have some of the draft written. And since I’ll be in the habit of writing I want to use that momentum to start another project.

So, my ultimate goal is to finish the novel, which is called Say When. And then, at least get halfway through writing the novella, which doesn’t currently have a title yet.

What are they about?

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Say When‘s a young adult novel about a girl who has been homeschooled all her life and now, during her junior year, her parents decide to enroll her in the local public school. It’s about mental illness, first loves, and family dynamics.

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The untitled novella is an adult romance following a young adult who plays a princess at a theme park (it’s inspired by Disney face character actors) and her prince is replaced with a guy who dumped her in high school.

Current tracker

Say When


If you’re doing NaNo this year I hope you’re off to a great start! And if you’re not it’s never too late to join. 50k doesn’t have to be the only goal. Honestly, it’s worth writing even a little because knowing there are so many others around the world writing at the same time makes the writing process more fun than usual.